This Underdog Green Could Give You an Athletic Edge


You’re down with spinach and kale, and you could even flirt with chard every now and then. But in case you routinely cross by the pile of watercress on the farmers market, you’re mak­ing a mistake. The inexperienced is a nutrition energy­ home—particularly for the fitness ­minded.

For starters, it’s high in antioxidants, com­kilos that promote restoration after exercise. A research within the British Journal of Nutritiondiscovered that guys who exercised arduous, then ate a handful of watercress every single day for 2 months, confirmed fewer indicators of cell injury than those that skipped the inexperienced. Their bod­ies had been repairing themselves quicker from the powerful workouts—most likely as a result of these anti­oxidants, researchers assume. It additionally meant that the plant eaters had been prepared sooner for his or her subsequent high ­depth bout.

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Plus, watercress has a ton of two antioxi­dants specifically—nutritional vitamins A and Okay. Those assist construct healthy bones and tissue, increase the immune system, and preserve eye health.

Watercress is in season, so seize a bunch (or three). Store it in a perforated bag and eat it quickly—it goes dangerous rapidly. Add watercress to sandwiches and stir­-fries; mince it with garlic, olive oil, walnuts, salt, and pepper for pesto; and toss it in salads. Some even swear it’s a hangover remedy. Only one option to discover out.

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