14 Best High-Protein Cheeses, Ranked


Yes, you possibly can have your cheese and keep match, too. As lengthy as you discover the precise high-protein cheeses on your weight loss plan.

According to sports activities dietitian Christina Strudwick, M.S., C.S.S.D., founding father of The Fueled Athlete, “Cheese can be part of a healthy lifestyle when it’s unprocessed and eaten in moderation.” Just assume pure (like all the pieces from our favourite household of cheesemakers—the BelGioiosos).

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That’s not all. “Cheese has lots of nutrients, like filling protein and bone-building calcium,” says dietitian Amy Gorin, R.D.N.

The largest plus of cheese is, by far, its protein content material. Swiss, cheddar, and mozzarella have 7–8g per oz, which may also help pack on muscle. Hard cheeses also can decrease blood pressure—particularly Grana Padano, a brand new examine has discovered. And ricotta is filled with whey, probably the most satiating of all proteins.

Finally, at all times go for high quality cheeses. Just watch the amount, and err on the facet of “Damn, that tasted great,” not “Damn, I can’t buckle my belt.”

“The harder cheeses tend to contain more protein per serving,” Strudwick says. Here, she’s indicated the varieties highest and lowest in protein right down to grams per ounce so you possibly can snack good.

The Best High-Protein Cheeses

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1. Parmesan

Properly generally known as Parmigiano Reggiano, this difficult cheese has the best protein content material of all cheeses. This cheese will get its identify from two Italian provinces: Parma and Reggio Emilia. It’s sometimes grated over soups and pastas; however when shaved, it may well function a salty, nutty-tasting snack.

1oz = 10g protein

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2. Romano

Another arduous cheese often grated and sprinkled on dishes, Romano has a pointy, salty taste. Italian Romano, known as Pecorino, is constituted of from ewe’s milk and has a stronger chunk, whereas home variations, constituted of cow’s milk, are milder.

1oz = 9g protein

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3. Low-fat Swiss

Looking for a satisfying snack? Reach for a slice or two of low-fat Swiss cheese. It has candy, nutty taste, making it the right add-in to omelettes and sandwiches.

1oz = 7.5g protein

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4. Low-fat cheddar

Cubed, shredded, or sliced, cheddar cheese is among the most palatable cheeses. Need a fast pick-me-up? Have some cheddar cubes and an apple with nut butter.

1oz = 5.5-7.5g protein relying on sort

5. Nonfat mozzarella

Whether you are slicing contemporary moz with tomatoes and balsamic, eating it by the slice, or shredding it over meals, this cheese is a palate pleaser. The style may be very gentle.

1oz = 7g protein

6. Gouda

This yellow cow’s milk cheese is definitely larger within the vitamn K2—a nutrient concerned in blood coagulation, bone metabolism, and regulation of mobile features—than most different food sources. It has a light-weight, generally candy, style.

1oz = 7g protein

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7. Provolone

A creamy, candy cheese that may go along with virtually any food, provolone is a dairy dream.

1oz = 7g protein

8. Gruyere

Gruyere may not be a staple in your cheese rotation, however you need to acquaint your self with the Switzerland-native. It’s firm and creamy cow’s milk, good for pairing with olives on a platter.

1oz = 7g protein

9. Goat cheese (arduous)

You’ve most probably had goat cheese, delicate and tangy, crumbled atop salads. Hard goat cheese is developed by getting older. The taste will be nutty, candy, even sharp.

1oz  = 6g protein

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10. Regular mozzarella

Not a fan of low- or nonfat? Opt for the actual deal as an alternative.

1oz = 6g protein

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11. Blue cheese

Full of taste, crumbled blue cheese blended with plain Greek yogurt and sizzling sauce can take the place of calorie-dense blue cheese dressing and dips. The blue marbling is because of mildew cultures (which are completely healthy to eat).

1oz = 6g protein

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12. Brie cheese

Top complete grain crackers or vegetable sticks with the delicate cow’s milk cheese.

1oz = 6g protein

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13. Ricotta

Ricotta is gentle, fluffy, and candy, making it the right topping for complete wheat toast. It’s additionally loaded with vitamin A, which might enhance immune perform, pores and skin health, and preserve your coronary heart, kidneys, lungs, and sperm healthy.

1oz = 3.2g protein

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14. Cottage cheese

Cottage cheese has a high quantity of casein, the slow-digesting dairy protein, which raises blood amino acid ranges slowly and retains them elevated longer than if you happen to’d eaten whey protein. It additionally has stay cultures, which makes for a healthy intestine. This will enable you to break down and soak up vitamins higher—precisely what you have to develop huge and powerful.

1oz = 3g protein

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