How to Stay Active When You Work a Desk Job


Sitting at a desk for eight hours a day isn’t good to your body, thoughts, or soul.

We all want some common exercise — however that’s not all the time simple to obtain when your job requires you to be parked in your butt for a lot of the day.

Research suggests a sedentary life-style can have a adverse impact on bone health and should contribute to an elevated danger of heart problems and sort 2 diabetes.

“The health benefits of exercising have been proven to increase longevity and quality of life,” says Amy Quirion, a licensed private coach in Boulder, Colorado. “Daily exercise also gives people more energy and helps with stress and weight control.”

But once you’re caught behind a desk all day, how are you going to be sure to’re getting sufficient exercise?

Here are a few tips for staying energetic when you’re working a desk job.

When you earn a living from home, you may squeeze in a exercise everytime you need.

Staying energetic once you work in an workplace is a bit trickier.

Chances are, your workplace gown code doesn’t embody compression shorts and sneakers, and your boss in all probability gained’t be cool with you doing a set of burpees mid-meeting.

But there are a few methods to take motion breaks all through the day with out getting bizarre seems to be out of your coworkers.

Ideally, it is best to intention to do that as soon as an hour, even when only for a couple of minutes. Here are a few methods to improve your exercise degree once you work a sedentary job.

Walk Breaks

Wear comfortable sneakers — or stash a pair of sneakers in your desk — and take a fast-paced stroll across the building each time you’ve a couple of minutes of downtime.

(You also can squeeze in additional steps all through the day by parking within the farthest spot, taking the steps as an alternative of the elevator, and asking your coworkers questions face-to-face quite than sending emails.)

Doorway Chest Stretch

Sitting at a desk for too lengthy can have an effect on your posture, however this stretch may also help you slouch much less.

Standing in a doorway, carry your proper arm up to shoulder height and, with a 90-degree bend in your elbow, place your palm and within your forearm on the doorframe.

Gently lean into the stretch, opening up your chest, holding it for 20 to 30 seconds. Repeat along with your left arm.

Lunch Hour Mini-Workouts

Devin Wiggins guiding 600 Secs workout

You don’t have to spend your total lunch hour figuring out — you may get an intense cardio exercise in simply 10 minutes and nonetheless have loads of time left over to eat your lunch and decompress.

Don’t imagine us?

Check out coach Devin Wiggins’s 600 Secs program, a collection of 10-minute workouts that spans a number of muscle teams and disciplines.

Stability Ball Chair

Woman sitting on stability ball chair at desk

You’ve in all probability heard about the advantages of a standing desk, but when that’s not an choice for you, swap your chair for a stability ball.

Sitting on a stability ball can enhance your core strength and hold you from slouching, so that you’re bettering your total fitness degree even whereas sitting nonetheless.

Wall Angels

Think snow angels, however towards the wall. Stand towards a wall dealing with away from it, ensuring the again of your head and shoulders and the small of your again are touching the wall.

Now carry your arms into a “goal post position” towards the wall (elbows bent 90 levels, higher arms parallel to the ground).

This is the beginning place.

Without shedding contact with the wall, elevate your arms into a “Y” place above your head.

Pause, after which return to the beginning place. You ought to really feel a slight stretch in your chest. Repeat for 30 to 40 seconds.


How to Find Your Fitness Level - Squat

Squats are a simple transfer to do wherever — like once you’re ready for the copier or coffeemaker to do its factor (or at your desk along with your workplace shades drawn).

To do a correct squat, stand tall along with your ft hip- to shoulder-width aside.

Engage your core, after which push your hips again and lift your arms straight in entrance of your chest as you bend your knees and decrease your body till your thighs are parallel to the ground.

Pause, after which return to the beginning place.

Do up to 50, splitting them up into 10-rep sets with a minute of relaxation in between.

Reverse Lunges

Woman doing walking lunges at home

You can pull these lunges off behind your desk fairly inconspicuously: Standing with ft hip-width aside and your fingers in your hips, step backward along with your proper leg, decreasing your body till each knees are bent about 90 levels.

Pause, and produce your proper leg ahead to return to a standing place. Do equal reps on each legs.

Three sets of 10 reps (5 per leg) is a good place to start.

High Knees

Stand tall along with your ft hip- to shoulder-width aside, holding your fingers in entrance of your chest along with your elbows bent and your palms dealing with ahead.

Raise your proper knee to waist height and faucet it along with your proper palm.

Return to a standing place and repeat, this time elevating your left knee and tapping it along with your left palm.

Continue alternating sides. Do three sets of 20 reps (10 per facet).

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