Butt Anatomy: Gluteal Muscles and How to Build ‘Em


Butts are all the fashion nowadays: on TV, in magazines, and behind retail retailer home windows.

And thanks to social media, we totally know what butt muscle tissue appears to be like like — verify Instagram when you’re nonetheless confused.

But a variety of us are fuzzy on butt anatomy: precisely what these globular lobes are and how they perform.

If you’re occupied with bettering in your rear view, step one is figuring out precisely what these mounds of muscle are up to on a day-to-day foundation; the higher to be certain that they’re doing their job correctly whether or not you’re at play, at work, or figuring out.

Here’s your butt anatomy primer.

What Do Glute Muscles Do?

Your glutes are liable for a number of necessary hip joint actions.

Hip extension

Pulling your knee towards your chest is named hip flexion; the other motion is known as hip extension, and it’s amongst your glutes’ main jobs.

Fully contracting these muscle tissue attracts your thighs behind you. Think of a sprinter in full stride: the glutes on her again leg are about as contracted as they get.

Hip abduction

woman doing clamshell exercise | butt anatomy

Most individuals are aware of the “innie-outie” groin torture machine on the gymnasium: It’s the one you sit on, bracing the insides or outsides of your knees towards the pads, then drawing them collectively or spreading them aside towards resistance.

The glutes are liable for that second motion: bringing your femurs from an adducted (drawn-together) place to an kidnapped (spread-apart) one.

Hip rotation

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The phrases “internal rotation” and “external rotation” sound fancy, however they simply imply turning a limb towards (inside) or away from (exterior) your body’s midlineThe glutes do each.

“In short,” says Beachbody Senior Director of Fitness and Nutrition Content Trevor Thieme, CSCS, “the glutes help move your legs and hips — and provide balance and stability — whenever you sprint, jump, climb stairs, or get up out of a chair.”

Which Muscles Comprise Your Butt?

Compared to, say, your knees, whose vary of movement is primarily restricted to one aircraft of motion, your hip joints are fairly cell, permitting your femurs to transfer in three planes: again and forth, side-to-side, and rotationally.

Here are the important thing posterior muscle tissue that management these motions.

glute muscle anatomy | butt anatomy

The star: Gluteus maximus

Function: There’s a motive why your glute max is usually referred to because the strongest muscle in your body; like your different gluteal muscle tissue, it helps rotate your thighs outward, however it’s additionally the one which’s most liable for extending your hip, and due to this fact serving to you keep an erect posture.

As the biggest muscle within the body, it’s able to producing large pressure.

No basketball participant might dunk a ball, no running again might tear by the road, and no fitness fanatic might squat or deadlift massive weights with out tons of assist from the glute max.

Location: The glute max originates at your pelvis and sacrum and inserts in two locations: your iliotibial band (a tract of connective tissue that runs alongside the skin of your thigh) and your femur, just under your butt cheek.

How to goal it: Work all that wonderful sinew with squats, deadlifts, lunges, and every other transfer that requires you to prolong your hip.

Supporting forged: Gluteus medius

Function: Appearing simply above and exterior the rounded portion of your butt, the glute med’s main job is to abduct your legs.

It additionally aids in rotating your thighbones each internally and externally.

Location: This fan-shaped sheet of muscle originates alongside the highest ridge of your hip bones and attaches to the better trochanter — the bony protrusion on the skin of your hip.

How to goal it: Work it straight with exercises just like the clamshell or the banded lateral stroll.

Supporting forged: Gluteus minimus

Function: The gluteus minimus is the medius’ little brother; its main accountability is to present stability to your thigh whilst you’re standing on one foot.

Location: The glute min is comparable in form to the glute med, and lies straight beneath it.

How to goal it: You can emphasize the glute min with facet plank variations.

Bit gamers: Deep rotators

Lying beneath the much-admired gluteal muscle tissue is an under-appreciated group of smaller ones referred to as the deep lateral rotators. 

All of them originate behind your pelvis and connect to the highest of your thighbone, wrapping round it like a flag round a pole.

As their collective identify suggests, they rotate your thighbones outward, which you’ll recall is named exterior rotation.

You’ll hardly ever have a lot trigger to contemplate these muscle tissue until one thing goes incorrect with them.

Piriformis syndrome — irritation, tightness, or spasms within the topmost rotator — is pretty frequent amongst each athletic and sedentary populations, and could cause radiating ache within the buttocks and hamstrings. Hip stretches can assist.

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