The Pope Of Greenwich Village


Mickey Rourke (“Desperate Hours”), Eric Roberts (“Runaway Train”) and Daryl Hannah (“Crimes and Misdemeanors”) “create emotion-charged characters who tingle with energy and play with conviction” (The Hollywood Reporter) on this modern-day traditional. In New York’s Little Italy, smooth-talking hustler Charlie (Rourke) works in a restaurant and desires of at some point shopping for his personal along with his girlfriend Diane (Hannah). His wiry wheeler-dealer cousin Paulie (Roberts) waits tables, skims cash off checks and is all the time scheming to attain massive. But they’re all about to drag a rip-off on the incorrect man: Eddie (Burt Young, “Rocky”), the Mafia King of Greenwich Village! Now these small-time con males are in big-time hassle – hassle so massive that even their mobster uncle may not be capable to save them!



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