10 The world’s largest pharmaceutical video portal. Specialists of the corporate have collected video displays of assorted pharmaceutical, packaging, industrial gear.
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Tablet press for the manufacturing of tablets with logos; Automatic hydraulic pill press for presses of tablets; Rotary pill press for urgent tablets; Sprayer for coating tablets, pellets, pellets, and nuts; Liquid filling machine for plastic and glass bottles; Plastic bagging machine with silica gel; Machine for eradicating tablets from blister packs; Printer for printing on capsules, capsules and capsules, sweet; Filling and sealing gear for glass ampoules; Mechanical glue filling machine for aluminum tubes; Washing of plastic and glass penicillin bottles and ampoules; Automatic group forming machine for plastic ampoules; Screw powder provide system for machine and tank hoppers; V-shaped mixer for mixing dry powder materials; Cream and ointment emulsifier for the beauty trade; Blistering machine for tablets, gelatine capsules, and pellets; Semi-automatic machine for filling metal drums with liquid; Decoction filling machine in a plastic bag; Induction welding machine for aluminum diaphragm management; Automatic compact bagging machine; Printer for printing on all surfaces of the shelf life and date; Equipment for cellophane wrapping of cardboard containers; Precision high-speed digital detector for weight management; Melting analyzer for evaluation after the melting technique of suppositories; Melting analyzer to find out the melting level of a drug; Analyzer for measuring the velocity and diploma of dissolution of tablets; Gelatin viscosity analyzer; Laboratory devise for figuring out the hardness of tablets and pellets; Magnetic mixer for mixing options and liquids; Vacuum drying oven with fixed temperature; Peristaltic pumps with digital management; Emulsifier for pharmaceutical and beauty ointments and cosmetics; Knife kind laboratory mill with uncooked materials feed; Semi-automatic machine for pellets, pellets, pellets, boilers; Pneumatic machine for dishing out liquids, lotions, and ointments; Printer for stamping the batch quantity and expiration date on the package deal; Compact rotary pill press for pill urgent; Tablet press for the chemical and food industries; Rotary pill press for urgent tablets; boiler for drawing of covers on tablets and capsules; Equipment for filling powders into penicillin bottles; Machine for dosed filling of tubes with ointment and cream; Powder filling machine for stable gelatin capsules; Spray dryer for acquiring high quality powder particles; Powder dispenser for powder provide to plastic cans; Polishing and dusting gear for gelatin capsules; Machine for counting and filling tablets and capsules in plastic bottles; Vacuum transport machine for powders and bulk solids; Pelletizer for dry and moist pelletizing of powders; Laboratory vacuum freeze-drying lyophilic sublimation dryer; Equipment for orientation of plastic bottles; Desktop vacuum machine for sealing polyethylene luggage; Packaging machine for packing piece items in flow-package; Pill and capsule packaging machine in mushy strip packaging; Weighing of bulk supplies in plastic and paper luggage; Equipment for particular person packing of tea into pyramids; Labelling machine for glass and plastic bottles; Dust collector for mud elimination and provide of check pellets; Gelatin gel strength testing system; Moisture analyzer for powder or granule moisture evaluation; Transparency analyzer for measuring gelatin transparency; Device analyzer for measuring the hardness of tablets; Analyzer for measuring thickness of gelatin capsules and tablets; Tester for monitoring the decomposition of solids; Tablet solubility, abrasion and hardness meter; Multifunctional laboratory mixer for powder mixing; Blister machine for filling with capsules or tablets; Vibration sieve to be used in manufacturing; Liquid heating machine with built-in magnetic mixer; Capsule for filling stable gelatine capsules with powder; Digital pump for dishing out liquids into ampoules and vials; Semi-automatic capsule for filling capsules with powder



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