11 Common Causes of Constipation and How You Can Treat It Naturally


Don’t cringe, it is a matter we have to take significantly! Your intestine health, your microbiome, is one of a very powerful issues we are able to do for our health. According to Healthline, it’s truly far more vital than we thought. Its influence on our complete body is so much to soak up. A healthy intestine results in a robust immune system, coronary heart health, mind health, a greater temper, higher sleep, and higher digestion. It additionally prevents some most cancers and illness! So what occurs once you really feel constipation approaching, and you could have completely no thought what might have precipitated it. The reply may very well shock you. From nervousness to not sufficient fiber, listed below are the 11 commonest causes of constipation and how one can deal with it naturally. Keep studying for extra!

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11 Common Causes of Constipation

While it might be tough to pinpoint the precise trigger of your constipation, there are just a few explanation why it’s possible you’ll be not feeling the best, digestion-wise. According to the NHS, constipation is when stool stays within the colon or the big gut for too lengthy. The colon then absorbs an excessive amount of water from the stool, and you’re left with, nicely … one thing arduous and dry. A single issue or a mix of the next stands out as the purpose.

  1. You’re not eating sufficient fiber (fruits, greens, grains, and many others.)
  2. Your routine has not too long ago modified (eating, sleep, exercise, and many others.)
  3. Ignoring your body’s intuition to go to the toilet and move the stool
  4. Lack of exercise
  5. Immobility
  6. Anxiety
  7. Depression
  8. Having a fever or being sick
  9. Dehydration
  10. Being chubby or underweight
  11. Your medicine
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How You Can Treat the Issue Using Natural Methods

As all the time, please see a physician if this situation is inflicting you ache or any of the next: it persists for longer than 14 days, you expertise bleeding, tiredness or you could have unexplained weight loss. If you need to deal with constipation, the next are just a few methods you are able to do so in a extra pure means.

  • Drink extra water
  • Eat extra fiber
  • Exercise
  • Drink espresso
  • Take an natural laxative (we love Bye Bye Bloat from the model Love Wellness)
  • Try a low FODMAP weight-reduction plan
  • Eat meals which are wealthy in probiotics (like yogurt) or take a probiotic complement
  • Eat meals which are wealthy in prebiotics (bananas, garlic, chickpeas)
  • Try some prunes!
  • Stay away from any sort of diary to let your system calm down

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